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How i find Free perfume samples to receive by mail

One of the best ways to find a new fragrance is to head straight to your local department store and try out scents for yourself. But what if you’re too busy, or what if you simply don’t have time? That’s when it pays to turn to the Internet…

In the past few years, a number of sites have popped up that will send free perfume samples directly to your door so you never have an excuse not to shop. The beauty of these services is that you don’t even have to leave your house! Once you’ve selected your perfume, you can go about your day and have perfume samples shipped to your home within three to five days. Some of these sites require you fill out a survey and let them know what scent scents appeal most to you. Others will send two or three perfumes that most closely match the fragrance in the sample they send.

Since i started “hunting” freebies, i discovered some great website that i check at least once a week to check if there is something new. My collection of perfumes samples that i got for free is just amazing, and the great thing is that i found my favorite perfume through these “free” samples.

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